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National Headquarters will be in Lakewood, Colorado as the following corporate functions: Membership Services Customer Service and Billing, Finance and Accounting, Legal/Compliance, IT/MIS, Human Resources, Audit and Data Analysis, Corporate Communications (non-service related communications), and Code of Conduct and Educational Guidelines and Oversight. Membership Services Customer Service and Billing Finance and Accounting Legal/Compliance IT/MIS Human Resources Audit and Data Analysis Corporate Communications (non-service related communications) Code of Conduct and Educational Guidelines and Oversight

National Headquarters

2023 Copyrights © Licensed to Phoenix Methodology inc. Patents by Total Intellectual Property Protection Services, LLC.
INSURANCE BANKING ADVERTISING REAL ESTATE  PM Distributions Insurance Key  Man, Benefits Package  Employees, Franchisee  Employees, Nonprofit Agent/  Agency Benefits as Group  Insurances, Long Term Asset with  Risk Mitigation & Liabilities Low  PM Distribution Long Term  /Short Term Trusts Funding  Disbursements To Agents &  Property Owners  Via Money  Market Accounts Liquid Cash  Business Functions  PM ADs Investment Establishes  Clients from Joining Agents &  Mergers Acquisitions Local Ad  Companies Building Upon Clients  PM Investment CXO Trust 10  year exit plan legacy With  Establishing CXO Value to Insure  IPO Success Beyond 10 years  Estimated Values Group  Insurances Property & Causality,  Health, Bonding and Other  Insurances Rates Amending From  Growth Over 5 Years Turn Key  Services Expected Lower Cost  Property  Trust Holding  Investment Building Map  Locations with Services Provided  Via Franchisee Color Coded  National Scale  PM  Limited Public Relations &  Media Communications. Media  Primary Focus Upon Clients  Services Non Profit Members  Using PM Systems, Turn Key  Promotions Clients Relations  Grabbing Consumer Marketing PM Offices 4 Companies @ 285  Locations Spending $10 million a  building. Franchise Purchasing @  $5million Each Company @  Location with $2.5million Funding  Location Build Out with Floating  Offices systems and Premiant  Events  Gantt Charting  Building Location  3 year Starting Plan with  estimated completion of 5 years  of all 285 locations  Leasing Additional Office   Services as Passive Income   Property Trust Value Enhances  IPO Abilities


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If you personally would like to review the patents mints individually and as patents and see the patent numbers please download Patent Holding Company website.   
Phoenix Methodology has been formed to create the next generation with balance of nurturing Real Estate to become the stable value system that it was intended. Our company is looking for the following types of individuals whom are looking for success:   " Minorities that are citizens of the USA " Disabled & Veteran Disabled Clever and Brilliance " Women who want to break the glass ceiling (we want to help) We would like to have over 60% of the companies owners be empowered and lead this business.  We believe in the concept of Learn How to do it, Earn how you do it and Teach Others How to do it. That is how we build our country to new levels of wealth and supplying the mom and small businesses brings back our economy.  Be apart of how we make the world work better and lead them to greater outcomes, much like learning to fish to eat. Phoenix Methodology companies have been created and formed by Sam Pennell and Fernando Hidalgo Jr. with the information from the Patent Holding Companies.  The Business Models have been modified for this company to a merger as a franchise.  The information of this model will create many new business owners.  Please visit the hiring page and see if you’re someone that is willing to make something greater for all as a team that one person could never do alone. By joining you’re seeking to be apart of making something greater for all. 
National Headquarters 12 Headquarters Cities Include: Olympia, Washington; Fresno, California; Lakewood, Colorado; Des Moines, Iowa; Lincoln, Nebraska; Amarillo, Texas; Jackson, Mississippi; East Lansing, Michigan; Mount Vernon, Illinois; Roanoke, Virginia; Columbus, Georgia; and Harrison, Pennsylvania. State and Regional Offices Aggressively establishing all Phoenix Methodology Franchises’ with in each state and regional offices within 36 months of State Board Member identified. In order to meet this objective in the time frame specified, Property Management and HR Specialists will be hired along with the utilization of recruiting firms across the US. Education and Training Content Educational, legal compliance, code of conduct and marketing content will be prioritized for delivery in the first 12 months of each individual state as the board of that state signs with both Patent Holding Company and Phoenix Methodology franchises’ as a franchised owned National Board. Contract documentation specialists will be utilized to expedite its delivery along with in house resources at all levels of the organization. Phoenix Methodology Inc. Cloud Services Software licensing agreements will be secured with both Patent Holding Company  and for all Phoenix Methodology Inc. Network members service Phoenix Methodology Distribution requirements. Patent Holdkng Company will be preparing their cloud services for Phoenix Methodology Rendering , Phoenix Methodology Ads, Phoenix Methodology Distribution & Phoenix Methodology  Inc. Franchise holders and owners for its members. to be available after the first 6 months of signing the contracts for each state. Membership Enrollment Once all organizations, contracts, systems and key educational documents are in place then membership enrollment will begin. Promotions and Advertising Phoenix Methodology Inc and all of its franchises will launch very aggressive advertising campaigns in order to attract independent real estate agents as well as appraisers, mortgage brokers, insurance companies and banks to participate in Phoenix Methodology Network by using Phoenix Methodology Distribution.  The primary focus the first 12 months will be to capture and retain real estate agent memberships with a broader campaign being initiated in the second year for all business areas of the real estate transaction.
Phoenix Methodology Inc.  pays 15%. Licensing rights of patents are granted as well as the acknowledgement of the Patents backed by the Mint. This acknowledgement is also captured in the picture showcasing the means that the patents are guaranteed for a life time.  Services and systems will be reporting to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and insurances will be covered under the Affordable Care Acts.

State Offices

Phoenix Methodology Network and Franchise will establish offices within each of the 50 United States. All membership fees will be collected at the state level along with oversight for regional functions. The following services will be performed at the state level: Legal/Compliance State and County Legislation, Membership Services Enrollment and Management, Code of Conduct Education and Compliance, and Education, Training and Documentation. Legal/Compliance State and County Legislation Membership Services Enrollment and Management Code of Conduct Education and compliance Education, Training and Documentation

Regional Offices

Phoenix Methodology Franchise Network will establish regional offices representing a geographical grouping of all counties within the 50 United States, Puerto Rico and Washington DC. The following services will be performed at the approximate 156 regional offices: Membership Services Enrollment and Education, Training and Documentation. Membership Services Enrollment Education, Training and Documentation